Supergirl - Season 3 Episode 9 : Reign (2018)

Supergirl - Season 3 Episode 9 : Reign HD
Supergirl - Season 3 Episode 9 : Reign
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Supergirl investigates a mysterious symbol popping up all over National City, tracing its origins back to an ancient prophecy and the mark of the World Killer, Reign. Meanwhile, the tension between Lena and Morgan Edge continues to build, causing James to step in and offer up some protection, and possibly igniting a spark in the process.

First Air Date:Oct 26, 2015
Last Air Date:Oct 14, 2018
Number of Episodes:66
Number of Seasons:4
Genres:Action, Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction
Networks:CBS, The CW
Casts:, , ,
Alternative Titles:Supergirl, Super-girl, Super girl, 超女, 女超人, DC's Supergirl, Σούπερκορίτσι, Supergirl, 슈퍼걸, Супердевушка
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