Taken - Season 2 Episode 2 : Quarry (2018)

Taken - Season 2 Episode 2 : Quarry HD
Taken - Season 2 Episode 2 : Quarry
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When a plane crashes carrying Bryan Mills and a key witness in a murder investigation, a wounded Mills must call upon the survival skills his father taught him to overcome the elements, find a way out of the woods and protect the witness from a lethal team of mercenaries on their tail. Meanwhile, Santana organizes a 'go big or go home' plan to locate the downed plane.

First Air Date:Feb 27, 2017
Last Air Date:Jun 09, 2018
Number of Episodes:24
Number of Seasons:2
Genres:Action & Adventure, Crime
Casts:, , ,
Alternative Titles:Taken - Die Zeit ist dein Feind, Uprowadzona, 即刻救援/颶風營救Taken
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